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朱老师(Katherine Chu)毕业于中国北京中央音乐学院钢琴专业和并获美国波士顿Berklee音乐学院音乐专业学士学位。曾在北京午蹈学院及Boston芭蕾午团专职钢琴事业多年。从事钢琴教育近30年之久,学生从4岁到18岁遍及湾区,有些家长甚至慕名带孩子远道从SanRamon前来学习。每年朱老师的学生们都以优秀的成绩获得美国国家级标准钢琴考级鉴定; 十五-十六岁的孩子则成功地通过加卅钢琴十级及Panel考试和比赛, 为申请大学及个人音乐素质/技能打好了良好而扎实的基础.

 朱老师于2006年被选入美国名人录是基于她的教学哲理和教学方式: 通过专业和爱心给学生教授钢琴和综合音乐训练,使孩子们获得并提高正规的钢琴弹奏和舞台演奏的技巧、音乐表现力和风格的演释、识谱、节奏和乐理的能力。透过音乐之声,潜移默化地提高孩子们的气质和综合素质。为他们灿烂的明天,备上一份“一生可享用”的礼物。



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KCHU Piano Studio – Cupertino

Ms. Chu graduated from Beijing Central Conservatory of Music with piano major in Beijing, China., and obtained BA Music Degree of Professional Music from Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. Before private piano coaching, she had worked as a professional pianist in both Beijing Dance Academy and Boston Ballet Company for many years. She has been involved in children's piano education for more than 30 years, and has taught many 4 to 18 year old students throughout the Bay Area. Each year, her students have successfully passed both National Guild Piano Evaluation with honoring grades. Her senior students had done exceptionally well at CM Piano Advanced Level X and Panel examination, as well as piano competitions. Her coaching has formed a strong foundations in developing the student's artistic character & musical capability.

 Ms. Chu was in American “WHO IS WHO” since 2006. Teaching children piano with both music profession and personal love is Ms. Chu’s teaching philosophy. Under her individually tailored training, students will be able to develop and master piano playing skills, stage performance skills, musical expressions, styles of interpretation, sight reading, sense of rhythms, music theories, and music appreciation. All of these aimed to give children a “Lifetime Music Gift” so that they can enjoy through their entire life.


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